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山東成人高考網www.amadeus-power.com 發布時間: 2018年12月30日




  如:a university, a useful book, an umbrella, a horse, an honest man.



  Give me a pen please.

  We go shopping twice a week.


  Yesterday we visited an English secondary school.

  She picked up a magazine and began to read.


  He works as a language teacher in that university.

  As a writer, he is successful.

  Even a child can answer this question.




  Give me the magazine.

  Have you decided on the prices yet?

  The book on the table is an English dictionary.

  Beijing is the capital of China.


  Last week, I saw a flim. The film is about a love story between two middle-aged people.

  The old man saw a house in the field. He went into the house and found a beautiful girl sitting there and singing.

  5.用于序數詞、方位名詞、形容詞與副詞的最高級前面,副詞最高級前面的the 可以省略。

  January is the first month of the year.

  The sun rises in the east.

  Japan lies to the east of China.

  Beijing lies in the north of China.

  Ireland lies on the Great Britain.

  At the Children's Palace, some children learn to play the piano, others learn to play the violin.

  Last week we went to the theatre.

  Among the three girls she speaks English the best.


  We are walking south.


  Monday is my busiest day.


  Drink some water.

  Is the water in the well fit for drink?

  He can't take the advice his mother gives him.



  If winter comes can spring be far behind?

  We have few classes on Sunday.

  10.1 is National Day.


  What did you have for lunch?

  Dinner is ready.

  Let's go and watch them play chess.

  My elder brother likes to play football.

  The boys are learnig to play the guitar.

  play the piano

  play the violin


  at noon at night at dawn at midnight in the morning

  in the afternoon in the evening in the daytime in town

  in front of (at the back of) at distance (in the distance)

  as a whole on the whole to catch cold to have a cold







  Reading English story books is a good way of improving your English.

  I have been waiting for him for half an hour.


  He is enjoying his stay in Denmark, but has some difficulty with the language.

  Is the water from the tap fit for drink?


  As we know, the most dangerous enemies are those who pretend to be friends.

  They left for work after supper.

  The film includes some recently discovered newsreels of World War II .(the Sencond World War)


  Without any news from Tom for a long time, his father left for Shanghai to see him.

  They will travel by air.

  I will help you for the sake of your sister.(for the sake of 因為)

  I will go to school on foot.

  My mother is in hospital.

  He has been in prison for two years.


  1. ______ film includes some recently discovered newsreels of _______ World War II.

  A. The; the B. A; the C. The; / D. A; /

  World War II是專有名詞


  2. Can you play _____?

  A. piano B. pianos C. a piano D. the piano


  3. “You've been very busy lately.”

  “So busy I haven't had time to clean my house. There is _____ wherever you look.”

  A. dust B. a dust C. the dust D. dusts

  dust 是不可數名詞


  4. The station? Take the second turning _______.

  A. to left then go straight on B. on the left, then go straight on

  C. to left, then go right forward D. to the left, then go right forward

  on the left 在左邊


  in the bed 在床里面

  7. Even on Sundays, fewer people go to ______ church than before.

  A. the B. a C. / D. that

  go to church 去教堂 go to school 去學校 go to bed 上床睡覺 go to college 去大學


  8. _________ look much alike.

  A. Smith's sisters B. Smith sisters C. Two Smith sisters D. The Smith sisters

  表示一家人,前面加 the

  答案 D